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1999-10-05 ... 10:54:15

I think the world would be vastly improved if we had more shouting in public. Today I have a strange urge to shout, "THERE'S A FRIED EGG SANDWICH ON THE LOOSE!!" as loud as possible. Preferably through a megaphone.

I'm just stressed in that weird way where objectively you don't have anything to be stressed about. Work is fine, not THAT busy. Home is fine. The house is even somewhat clean for once. Everything's fine, and I'm still...restless.

Speaking of clean, something truly horrific happened last night. LT and I were cleaning up after dinner (chili, and I even made cornbread (from a mix) because I am Martha Freaking Stewart sometimes) when this unopened plastic bottle of pancake syrup FLUNG itself from the pantry shelf and broke and puddled everywhere. It was a truly alarming mess. It took a lot of mopping, and still I was worried that I would come home and find The Cat with her little paws stuck to the floor.

I'm going to go eat lunch now, okay? Okay.

---mimi smartypants


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