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2001-08-28 ... 11:11 a.m.

There's an "adult bookstore" near my office (note: I just love that term "adult bookstore." No, sorry, we don't carry any Michael Crichton here. But we have a lovely copy of the Brothers Karamazov....What? Listen buddy, if it ain't heavy on the symbolism, we don't have it. This is an ADULT bookstore.) that has this sign in the window: LADIES WELCOME. I have two things to say about this: (1) Why, thank you. (2) "Ladies"?

Work was just insane today. I'm having a big old glass of wine right now. [SARCASM ALERT] You know what I love? I love it when an idea I have is pretty much totally ignored, and then as time goes by and things get more and more fucked up it becomes gradually clear that what I proposed weeks ago is what actually needs to happen, and then someone else will propose that same idea, and it will be enthusiastically greeted and that person will be called a hero. Yessir, that's what I love. Not that I need a lot of praise or pats on the head at work (au contraire, I mostly want to be left alone), but come on. Listen to Mimi!

Oh! That reminds me of the hilarious interview I had last week. I interviewed Mr Black Cloud of Doom for my open editorial positon. I knew something was wrong right away when, making small talk, I picked him up in the waiting room and jokingly asked, "Are you ready for this?" He said, unironically, "Yeah, let's get it over with." Nice enthusiasm. Always like to see that in an employee. In response to my question, "What are you looking for in a job?" he said he wanted to make decent money, edit interesting material, and "be appreciated as a person." Hmmm, let me think: No, no, and no. As if it's all about you. I only hire editors so I can appreciate them "as people." Next!

I'm not the perkiest person in the world (No! Mimi! Underneath that cynical exterior, you sparkle and shimmer like a star!), but even I can do better than that. Needless to say, I didn't hire him.

Weekend was rather uneventful: some family crap was endured, and some documentaries were seen at Facets. The theaters at Facets are endearingly tiny; endearingly so, that is, unless the first show sells out, which it did. Luckily there is a bar around the corner, where you can sit and wait for the next showing. It's a rather horrible bar, but any beer in a storm.

Arrgggh, I have a headache. Perhaps I should have an Advil or two, in addition to the cheap wine. Oh, I forgot: booze and pills don't mix.

---mimi "Valley of the Dolls" smartypants


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