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2004-08-16 ... 3:02 p.m.


Not frothing. Not so wigged out on the drug of Bush-hatred that it's not making any sense. Not coming from unreliable sources. Just some scary shit laid on the table, weblog-style.

I wrote some letters today about Sudan. All this dithering about what is "genocide" and what is just "mass killing" is disgusting. If the victims were white the entire world would be over there sorting this out.

Don't get me started. Because it won't be coherent. It will just be a lot of screaming and running around in circles.


Ham recalled.

Random CD.

Why I'm a "cat person."


1. Nora was very fragile all weekend, but unlike other fragile things I could not simply pack empty egg cartons or crumpled newspaper around her and then carry the box carefully down to the basement, although there were times when I definitely wanted to. When you are Nora, sometimes things are fun! Like going to the park! Or eating a snack! Or sitting in the big chair with Mommy while she pretends to eat you! (Nora finds cannibalism hilarious!) And then! Other times! Those same things will make you freak out and lose your shit completely! For instance, several times this weekend I said, "Let's have a snack!" and put Nora in her highchair because (a) you have to feed babies, apparently* and (b) in the highchair I know that she's all nice and restrained and occupied and I can maybe read more than one goddamned page of my book at a time, or pick up some of the appalling debris littering my house, or answer some e-mail, or just sit and rest. Fifty percent of these snacktimes were met with good humor and enthusiasm, and the other fifty percent were met with wails and sobs and oh god, how could you! how could you give me a delicious and nutritious snack of my favorite foods! my life is a smoldering heap of the blackest misery! I often find Nora's ToddlerDrama mood swings to be (sadly) amusing, but less so when they occur for two days in a row.

*I am still not quite up to speed with my kid's growing appetite and need for frequent snacks. Many times I have been all like "what the hell is your problem?" and then realized, "Oh. You're hungry." There is nothing to make you feel more like an Official Bad Parent than inadvertently not feeding your children, and even though it smells of scary suburban mommyhood I should probably start carrying goldfish crackers and raisins at all times.

2. Saturday night I went out rocking and rolling at the Empty Bottle, where Erase Errata was underwhelming, the Ponys were great but too loud for my elderly ears, and The Tyrades were very spazzy and fun and punk rock, although their sound occasionally made me wonder if it was 1991 all over again.* The lead singer is totally hot, and her look had all the hipster girls in the audience rethinking their hairstyles and maybe even their sexuality. Afterwards my foursome were headed to Bar Vertigo, but instead detoured into a deserted Polish bar, which I think ended up being much more fun than the original plan. Fewer hair streaks and fewer pointy shoes, and more linoleum and more crooning of Peter Cetera covers (really!) in foreign languages.

*(And it easily could have been, with me in petticoat skirt and Chuck Taylors and my jean jacket all covered with angry feminist buttons. Sometimes I come down with a retro virus [ha! get it?] right before getting dressed.)

3. Sunday was more of the LIVE HAND GRENADE BABY. I almost think something was going on with her, more tooth pain or maybe a little cold, because she was a serious wreck for much of the day. We took her out to the Indian Independence Day parade on our street, and that helped a bit with the hairtrigger mood swings, although inevitably we ran into naptime and had to bail early. Some highlights:

a. The Dunkin' Donuts float, which was basically just a bunch of Aberzombie & Fitch-clad teenage boys shaking their asses to canned techno music. Are they Dunkin' Donuts employees? Do they hang out at Dunkin' Donuts? LT and I joked that the float should be renamed "Association of Indian-American Unruly Youth."

b. The Hare Krishna float, featuring a live band and a lot of crazy dancing.

c. The sad bedraggled knot of four (count them!) Alan Keyes supporters, who could not give their stickers and signs away. They kept walking up to the parade barricades with their swag and the crowd kept politely ignoring them.

d. Aging Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, the Bruce Willis of Hindi film!

e. A float with signage proclaiming it "Association of Indian-American Pharmacists" and NO ONE aboard. Where were all the Indian-American pharmacists? Where did they go?

f. Nora, quite possibly the only born-in-China person in the crowd, with a Kerry-Edwards sticker on her t-shirt, eating ice cream and waving a tiny Indian flag. I think even the well-meaning adoption-agency lecturers on multicultural families would have been agape.

---mimi smartypants came from Alabama with a banjo on her knee.


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