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2001-07-24 ... 12:03 p.m.

I am still oh so quiet. Actually, today my throat hurts even more than yesterday, which I can only hope is one of those weird "worse before it gets better" things and is a sign that I'll soon be back to my blabbermouth self.

In the meantime, though, the shadowy man who operates the shadowy (literally: black background) glossosaurus has come up with the best suggestion yet. Never mind protesting the Real World setting up their stupid-ass empty-headed outpost here in Chicago: let's just sabotage them. Give them all laryngitis. I'll go cough on a bunch of Urban Outfitters gear or Starbucks travel mugs and wait for one of them to purchase it with Daddy's credit card. Then presto, the whole house will have sickly vocal cords and production will be halted. Those who have nothing to say will also have no way to say it. Ah, irony.

(Of course, if this actually happens I had nothing to do with it. Ahem.)

In Mimi Metapants news, I got my first "your site sucks" e-mail, and interestingly, it didn't bother me in the slightest. (By the way, Squib, the sucking apparently is confined solely to my writing and not to your design.) Although I'm fairly good with criticism, as long as the critic knows what the hell he/she is talking about (eg, if your poetry knowledge is limited to Jewel's latest then you need to shut up about mine), I tend to be a bit thin-skinned about off-the-wall, unasked-for comments. This person had no criticism to make, just random crabbing from an anonymous e-mail address that I think I'm so funny, but I'm not. Well, then go read something else, you loser.

Perhaps the fact that I wasn't bothered by the snarky comment is a clue that I don't have a whole lot invested in this Thing. This, I think, is good. I mean, I'm gratified that people seem to enjoy themselves here, but you know, whatever. It's just a Web page. Everyone and his dog (especially his dog) has a Web page these days.

We shall end with yet more of the Medieval Word-A-Day calendar. (I believe only I am amused by this. Please be patient.) Today is the Feast Day of Christina the Astonishing. I quote: "This patroness of psychiatrists is said to have arisen from her coffin during funeral services, having been awakened by the garlic odor of the mourners."

Astonishing, indeed.

---mimi "silent bob" smartypants


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