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2006-06-27 ... 8:25 p.m.


After a few weeks of teasing us with the classic Monty Python "not dead yet" routine, The Cat finally was taken to the vet for the last time on Saturday. We are sad. But it really was time. She had lost a further three pounds in three weeks, she had more or less stopped eating and yet kept throwing up some horrible substance that was not food, she was unsteady on her feet, she was starting to hide under the bed for long stretches, and there was a smell. Although we still loved her, it was starting to become an arms'-length kind of love, a "wow you may be family but you are seriously gross" kind of love. It almost seemed like an instinctual, caveperson reaction---a member of the tribe is ailing and close to death! We must distance ourselves, and go on with the hunt!

So yeah. It costs money to have the vet kill your cat, were you aware? For some reason I thought it would be free or close to it. But they were very nice about the whole thing, so I really don't mind. We had Nora say goodbye before Cat was loaded into her carrier, and emphasized that she was going to die and would not be coming back, and it really sounded quite bleak when I put it that way but with a preschooler I guess it is best to be clear. Nora still seemed to think that death = instant skeletonization, and my creepy little scientist has requested a viewing of "the cat's bone" (by which she means skeleton---to Nora it is all one giant bone) several times. We are getting the ashes back (which I think I will just put away and not explain) but not the bones, and I don't even think that would ever be an option unless your vet was also a taxidermist (eww). Sorry, Nora.

A day later the real kid-sadness set in, with Nora saying that she was sad that the cat died, requesting a picture, etc, and watching her stare at that photograph while her eyes well up with tears, all brave and grown-up-like, was the thing that finally put my heart through the paper shredder. She had trouble going to sleep that night, so I sat with her much longer than I normally would for any non-illness reason, and I kept having to go back in when she'd start crying again, and then I would come back out and cry and snap at LT in frustration, "Her cat is dead! There is nothing we can do!" I hate it when there is nothing you can do. She never seemed to extrapolate the cat dying to other family members dying, or her own death, so it was not fear but simple, heartbreakingly pure grief that kept her from sleeping. Which made it all the harder, because I rule at rationalizing fear to the small but death is just death. We don't have our cat anymore. Blargh.


smartypantsmimi: PLACE wiener in BREAD.
smartypantsmimi: Why did I never think of Googling "hot dog bar," in order to get all the cafeteria menus that my strange little heart desires? This is gold. This is the key to my happiness, right here.
idlewords: KRAFT Shredded Pizza! Four Cheese.
idlewords: Shredded pizza sounds great. Maybe battered and deep-fried, and then slathered with melted KRAFT cheese.
smartypantsmimi: It would be so portable. Just grab a handful of pizza and throw it in a baggie.
idlewords: And the ad campaigns! "Hey d00d, are you READY TO SHREDD?"
smartypantsmimi: Let's see, we've got soda, milk...all right, Sunny D! And shredded pizza!
smartypantsmimi: Check this one out.
idlewords: Tuscan burrito.
smartypantsmimi: wtf.
idlewords: In the name of everything that is holy.
smartypantsmimi: Seriously.
idlewords: Schnitzel con queso. Three Treasures Heavenly Fragrant Pierogi.
smartypantsmimi: Weird, there's also a "mexican corn risotto" on that menu. That combined with the Tuscan burrito makes me think someone has Issues.
idlewords: I think you are just a racialist.
smartypantsmimi: There is a black guy who sells watermelon from a truck in my neighborhood and I always kind of mentally applaud him for it. Don't let The Man decide what fruit is appropriate for you!
idlewords: Pizza pasta salad is another brilliant idea. Maybe a little ranch dressing on that.
smartypantsmimi: SHREDDED pizza pasta salad.
idlewords: Shredded Szechuan pizza pasta salad al horno.
smartypantsmimi: With a side of sea urchin roe.
idlewords: I wonder what How & Sweet Tofu is. Or Frizzled Ham.
smartypantsmimi: Crusty dog with mustard! How did it get crusty? What happened?
smartypantsmimi: There is also a "Vermont Lumberjack Sandwich." Man, they are really asking for it.
smartypantsmimi: "Unlimited toppings"? I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU
idlewords: Nice Masonic logo there.
smartypantsmimi: I like "potato item." So Joycean.
idlewords: This conversation reminds me to get Oscar Mayer Ennui-ners for the hot dog bar. The tiresome meat treat that is pointless to eat.


"A stumbling block to success with self-service bars is a fear of the complexity and number of choices one can offer." FEAR! The greatest stumbling block to success! The terror of too much choice! Such wisdom. Such deep, Kentucky wisdom.

---mimi smartypants has a hole in her bucket.


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