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2000-03-23 ... 10:51:30

I'm hungry. I've been thinking a lot about jellybeans. I love jellybeans. As a holiday, Easter has pretty good candy...except for those marshmallow Peeps things, of course. Blah.

On the El I saw some woman call some other woman a bitch who had accidentally bumped into her a tiny bit. She said, "Watch where you're going, bitch!" This ordinarily wouldn't be amusing or noteworthy except the first woman (the loudmouthed rude name-calling one) had the Bible open on her lap. Oh, I laughed and laughed.

Got my hair colored yesterday, to cover up that gray streak. I'm too young to have gray. Plus it was only this one weird streak on one side, like Susan Sontag hair or something. So I got it colored. It's the same brown, only a little richer (and no gray). The hairdresser lady called it "cappucino." So now I am a Cappucino Head.

too hungry to write further. Where are my freaking jellybeans?

---m. smartypants


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