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2001-03-12 ... 19:42:27

Baboons enjoy baboon booty: So if you're a baboon (and if you ARE a baboon and you're reading this, please e-mail me: boy oh boy would that be something) and you have a big bubble butt, never be ashamed for you are the height of baboon beauty. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Weekend over much too soon, as usual. Friday night I went out after work and all of a sudden it was last call. Saturday was delicious Lebanese food with lousy service at Maza; that place really needs to get its act together, in terms of running the room. Hint #1: Don't accept reservations if you haven't got a prayer of honoring them. That just sets up false expectations and makes everyone cranky.

Can I just say, apropos of nothing, that I cannot stand people who make a big deal about not watching television? I mean, whoop de doo. I probably watch a lot less television than the American average, but so what. It doesn't necessarily make you a better person not to watch television. So lose the Puritanism already.

That said, my parents had kind of a weird attitude toward television when I was a kid, and I missed a lot of 1970s-1980s TV. And Iím starting to realize that a lot of what I did see went right over my oblivious little-kid head. For instance, I never knew that Jack had to pretend to be gay on that Three's Company show. I never understood that Happy Days was supposed to be set in the 1950s. (I just thought they dressed funny.) I didn't know that The Incredible Hulk and The Guy The Incredible Hulk Was When He Wasn't Being The Incredible Hulk were played by two different actors. I mean, on some level I knew that that guy wasn't really changing into The Incredible Hulk right there on screen, but I didn't consciously get that they were two entirely different guys.

I went to the DMV finally, to get a new driver's license to replace the one in my stolen wallet, and while it was hellish and the clerks were surly it honestly could have been a lot worse. I panicked a bit when they asked me to take the vision test, but it was one of those vision tests like this: "Can you see anything at all?" and if you said yes you passed. Not very rigorous. I even got to stand in a special line for People Who Had Their Shit Together since I had checked on the web page to see what documents I needed, whereas most of my fellow citizens were trying to use underwear labels and notes from their mothers as identification.Yay me.

---mimi freakin' smartypants


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