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1999-09-27 ... 12:18:13

It's time for the every lazy diarist's favorite type of entry:


Age: 27

Height: 5'1"

Weight: I never weigh myself, nor do I pay attention at the doctor's office. It says 117 on my driver's license, that's probably about right.

I have dark brown hair and eyes that are the same color as the dark brown m&m's. Of course now that they got rid of the tan m&m's, the only brown is the dark brown.

I'm left-handed. I can do very little with my right hand.

I skipped a grade in grade school, due to my freakish reading abilities. I skipped 2nd grade, if you must know.

Speaking of freakish reading abilities, I read at least 2 books for pleasure every week. Irritating quirk: even if I despise a book, I must read it until the end.

More quirks: I always look in other people's medicine cabinets when I get the chance. (Don't let me use the bathroom in your house.)

Yet more quirks! I intensely dislike: anyone touching my feet, the feel of a bare mattress, and sticking my hand inside an opaque bag (eg, potato chips etc must be dumped out in a bowl or on a napkin). I know, I'm nuts.

Oh, and I also hate it when people say "ATM machine," since the "M" means "machine."

I have never broken a bone or had surgery other than oral (wisdom teeth removal). I have also never had a cavity.

I have 1 sister who's 7 years younger than me. She's pretty cool.

I have only had 3 pets in my life: a parakeet when I was 7, my childhood dog who lasted 17 years, and my current big fat floppy cat, named The Cat.

I love to travel and lived in the Middle East for a year when my husband had a Fulbright. Most recently we went to Egypt for a month. Next we're spending Thanksgiving in Paris with friends.

(No, we're not rich, but we have 2 incomes, no kids, and not a lot of expenses. We save a lot, travel a lot, and go out to eat a lot. Plus my travel budget is not exactly luxurious as we mostly stay with friends.)

Sorry, where was I?

In college I double-majored in literature and ancient Greek.

I've taken a fair amount of hallucinogens, but don't any more.

These days I stick mostly to beer and vodka cosmopolitans if I'm feeling girly.

I like penguins.

I collect "housewife" and etiquette books from the '30s and '40s, odd consumer packaging, zines, and any record relating to dance crazes or with the word "hi-fi" in the title.

In high school I was quite goth and spent oodles of time on my eye makeup and getting my black black hair to hang over my eye just so. Occasionally I still like to dress up in twirly dresses and make like the undead at Neo's goth night. So stop by if you're in Chicago.

You know what? I think that's enough with the random facts. More substantive entries will follow later. Now I have to go brush my teeth.


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