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1999-09-23 ... 12:53:09

Yes, I'm at work, and yes, I probably shouldn't be doing this, even though it's lunch hour and I'm not actually on "company time," but there you go, I'm breaking the rules once again. (Actually I don't break the rules all that much. In fact, I usually MAKE UP rules for myself and then follow them. But that's another story. I just include that "breaking the rules once again" thing to make you think I'm a rebel and I do eXtreme sports and drink Mountain Dew and stuff. Which is not true.) I'm just not all that hip on being back at work, last weekend we ("we" often refers to my husband, hereafter known as LT) jetted off to NYC for a weekend, exchanging one big city's stench and filth for another. And that is not meant to be pejorative because I love stench and filth. We took the Staten Island ferry (round trip, because who wants to be in Staten Island), had an lovely dinner with my friends in the East Village, spent too much money at the Strand, etc. Saw Janeane Garofolo on the street and a homeless guy with a bloody face carrying a Slinky. Oh, and I went to the top floor of MOMA, where all the design stuff is. I like art as well as the next girl, but I REALLY like design. Overengineered Italian teakettles and such really float my boat. And miles of chrome, I'm a big chrome fan as well. All these well-designed things meant for consumer use were behind glass, however, which I understand from the museum's perspective, but which of course meant that you couldn't pick them up and see how well-designed they really were. This is my problem with museums in general, I feel like I just have to touch stuff, and they sure as hell better put it under glass because the "please do not touch" signs do not always deter me. I once accidentally set off an alarm at the Smithsonian by touching an antique rocking chair. And the Oriental Institute, here in Chicago, whose guards have a severely inflated sense of their own importance, once berated me and almost kicked me out because I placed one lousy forefinger on a 12-foot-tall, 2-foot-thick slab of granite containing a Sumerian relief...look guys, it survived this long, it's in a controlled environment now, I think it'll survive my finger.

This is my first entry here at diaryland, and I thank Andrew and his sweet sweet candy eggpost for telling me about this project. Being a first entry and all, I considered doing an "intro to me" type thing, but that just sounded lame. Maybe I'll do an entry of random factoids next time. I love random factoids. With mustard.

---mimi smartypants


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