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2001-12-27 ... 2:16 p.m.

Will wonders never cease, I've gone and done it. I'm leaving my beloved Filofax in the dust and now own a silver Visor Edge. After a few weeks of playing with various handhelds (sounds dirty but it's not), I picked the Handspring because it had the largest screen. It's going to take a while before I'm fully functional with it. I spent about an hour today entering addresses and making lists, and there's still more data entry to be done. Someday I'd like to treat myself to one of those little detachable keyboards. Then I could do Smartypants stuff wherever I happened to be (at a bar, in bed, from my jail cell).

So once again I ask for advice, tricks, etc: if you know of PDA shortcuts or software that has dramatically improved your life, let me know.

Today I've been in an organizing frenzy. Not only am I spending quality time with the handheld, I've cleaned out every single kitchen cabinet and thrown lots of things away (god almighty do I love to throw things away. Do you want me to come clean out your cabinets? I swear, fix me a couple of cups of Earl Grey and set me loose, it's not a problem), and switched the positions of the contents of two of the hall closets. The one closest to the door is now a coat closet, and the middle one is now a linen closet. (Yes, you could have survived without this information. But what kind of life would you have? You'd be a mere shadow of a human being.)

I know I'm a big chicken in a lot of ways, but these people are absolutely nuts.

Stuff like this really pisses me off. I'm not Christian, and thus one could argue that I shouldn't care one way or the other, but the sort of people who design and manufacture and market and purchase things like these are ignorant scum. If Jesus Christ were to show up today, and see things like this for sale, he'd never stop throwing up.

That said, I do have a weakness for cheesy Vatican and pope stuff. Here's a Christmas-vacation craft to keep you busy: a Pontiff Coloring page.

Somewhere, a cluttered closet calls my name. Up, up, and away!

---mimi "Into The Trash With You!" smartypants


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