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1999-12-21 ... 14:12:00

Yee haw.

Still at work. Is it Xmas yet? I'm getting sick of waiting.

Although I did get one present already, a super, super super cool present. The division director here amazingly remembered that I collect etiquette/housewifery books, and gave me a copy of "Polite Society at Home and Abroad," from 1891, making it officially my oldest etiquette book. (In second place is "How to Behave," from 1904.) It's been hard to work today because I can't stop myself from reading it. Here's a good bit:

"A wife should pay as much attention to her dress, and exhibit the same taste and care as before marriage. She should aim to please his eyes---to look presentable on all occasions. If a woman keeps all her fine dressing for society, and the strangers whom she chances to meet, and shows herself to her husband in the garb of a slattern, she has no right to be surprised if he becomes indifferent and careless, neglectiing those little attentions that won her. He sees her courting the good opinion of others, be making herself as charming as possible. She has invited the neglect and coldness which ordinarily follow, and she should suffer in silence." (p 350)

Watch out girls! Be careful not to show yourself in the garb of a slattern!

This weekend was fun, George got us free tickets to opening night of his Second City show (he's musical director). I didn't expect it to be such a star-studded extravaganza (Alan Arkin and like half the cast of Saturday Night Live were apparently in the audience), and I certainly didn't expect open bar for hours afterwards, although it was a lovely surprise. Got nice and tipsy, then had some (non-celebrity) people back to the apartment afterwards for more drinks and chatter.

You wanna make something of it?

---mimi smartypants


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