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2001-12-11 ... 9:44 a.m.

It's difficult to update from home, because even though the AT&T Broadband/ debacle is supposedly fixed, my connection still seems to crap out on a random schedule. It's difficult to update from work, because the powers that be want me to perform the tasks spelled out in my job description. (So unfair!) It's difficult to update period, because my head is jangly and disorganized. Jingle jangle, goes my head. But now you get an update, lame though it may be, and I'll throw in the mental tintinnabulation at no extra charge.

I had a quiet weekend. LT and I mostly drank beer and watched Discovery Channel programs about dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. Gotta love the prehistoric mammals. On Saturday we went to Costco, as tourists, because I have a friend who raves about Costco at every Costco-raving opportunity, and I wanted to see for myself what the big freaking deal was. Costco scared us, though, so we did not join (what's with that, anyway? a store you have to join?) and we did not buy anything. It was fun to see gigantic food (as we all know, I love gigantic food)---- four-pound cans of tuna and huge tubs of licorice and massive slabs of cheese ---- but ultimately the Costco scene is not for me. I picture filling the cupboards with large containers of condiments and still having nothing but condiments and liquor in the house, which is sort of the way it is now only on a larger scale.

The guy next to me on the train this morning suddenly turned and asked, "Is that your natural hair color?" Yes it is, I replied. Then he just went back to his paper. No follow-up questions, apparently. Back to you, Dan.

Kofi Annan on Sesame Street. "Oh, a genocidal Serb is a person in your your neighborhood..."

In keeping with the multicultural theme, here's your Tuesday Story Time, which should be of interest to any structural linguists in the house. When I worked at the ad agency in Bahrain, writing ridiculously inflated brochure copy ("Bahrain National Bank's standard of excellence blah blah blah"), most of my coworkers with any sort of skill (the designers, the artists, etc) were from India. We all got along famously, fueled by a mutual dislike of the account managers and our crazy Persian boss, and I very quickly learned to decipher their various accents and even learned to tell a couple of Hindi jokes. The little differences in the way English is spoken throughout the world completely fascinated me (and still do). For instance, one artist was describing what happened when she went to talk to Crazy Persian Boss, and she said, "...and then he completely froke out!" Froke? Who knew that the past tense of "freak" was "froke"?

---mimi "she froke me all night long" smartypants


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