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1999-12-09 ... 13:26:45

What are "New York style" bagels? They just seem like a basic bagel to me. Are they larger? Surlier? Divided into boroughs? If anyone knows, e-mail me.

Oh, I want to go home. And I want LT to come home. He's still in London, and my house is all cold and lonely and husband-less in the evenings. The weird thing is that without him there I've been sleeping like an absolute log. You think it would be the other way around. I'm not a good sleeper in general, not insomniac exactly, but I tend to wake up a LOT during the night. Like every hour or so. So this has been a welcome change (although I still need him back!).

Maybe I'll go call him now. Give that AT&T card a workout.

later, gentle readers...

---mimi smartypants


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