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2001-11-27 ... 3:46 p.m.

LT informs me that REO Speedwagon is playing the Holiday Star Plaza on my birthday. Not a good thing, not even in a "so bad it's funny" sort of way, and definitely not what I'll be doing on my birthday. Why are they even still touring? I think you guys truly have forgotten what you started fighting for: because of senility.

The Holiday Star Plaza is sort of like a regional joke. Not only is it in Merrillville, Indiana (where Chicagoans fear to tread, and which boasts the dubious distinction of having the highest density of fast-food restaurants of any other town its size, although I can't find any stats online to support that assertion), but only truly horrible has-been '80s bands play there. Note to all aging rock stars: if your agent mentions that he's booked you at the Holiday Star Plaza, just swallow the overdose now. It makes for a better Behind the Music if you're dead, anyway.


Number of work-related e-mails I've received thus far today: 37

Number that were remotely important: about 6

Number of toys on my desk I can see without even moving my head: 2 plastic dinosaurs, 2 plastic spiders, 3 stretchy frogs, 1 hula girl snow globe

Mental weather forecast: Flaky and introspective with a 60% chance of fugue state

Number of books I've read since October 9 (when I started keeping track for some reason): 24

Number of those books that have been nonfiction: 3 (oy, so great is my shame)

On this date one month ago: According to my calendar, it was "Marc's birthday dinner." Also, there is a mysterious "8," but I can no longer remember what I was counting.

My favorite denomination of US money is the $10 bill. It's big enough to feel like money, small enough so you don't feel like a chump when you buy something small. With the new design, though (which I like, although my opinion is not universally shared), Alexander Hamilton looks rather effeminate. (Not that there's anything wrong with that! Kiss kiss, Alex baby!) When is the Treasury going to switch the $1 bill to the new design? I want all my money to match.

I'm also a change nerd. I'm the person holding you up in line saying "Wait, I have 73 cents!" And I always do. I have this weird ability to remember the amount of change I have on me at any given time.

Tonight we go to the symphony, the perfect concert: one for LT (Brandenburg Concerto #3) and one for me (Shostakovich violin concerto #1, A minor). Samuel Magad is soloing. Samuel Magad plays a 1729 Guarnerius violin. I would like to have a 1729 Guarnerius violin. Just in case anyone is stumped as to what to get me for xmas.

Someone found this site from a search on "where to purchase rodeo clown pants." Doesn't RodeoClownCorp get them for you as part of the employee dress code? Man, I knew there was a recession on, but when rodeo clowns have to buy their own pants, that's a low-down dirty shame.

Apologies in advance for the prejudiced thing I'm about to say, but the Chinese can be disgusting when it comes to food. Check out this description of boiled pig lung, still-living shrimp, deep-fried sparrows, and steamed tongues. No thanks.

---mimi smartypants don't eat no innards.


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