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2000-11-20 ... 13:38:08

Because of LT's broken-footedness, we were the ultimate shut-ins this weekend. Hooray for Webvan, who brings us groceries on-time and with no fuss. The produce was gorgeous, even better than what is in our local stores sometimes. Hooray for, who brings us videos for our evening viewing. Broken-foot people need cheering up, so we watched 2 Marx Brothers movies and Repo Man, which LT had never seen. I'm not certain you can call yourself a modern person if you haven't seen Repo Man. "I blame society!"

When I was a child, I thought that these two water towers near our house were nuclear reactors. They were the squat round type of water towers. Not that that explains why I thought they were nuclear reactors. Anyway, it worried me that we lived so close to these nuclear reactors, and I used to think about radiation and fallout and that TV movie, The Day After. (I think I had reactors mixed up with missiles in my little-kid head.) One time I mentioned it to my dad, after worrying about this for a year or two, and he informed me that those things were not, in fact, nuclear reactors.

Sometimes I like to recall this story to remind myself that things are not usually as bad as I think they are. My imagination is my own worst enemy. So when LT sees the orthopedist this afternoon, he will not say that the foot has to come off or that he needs surgery and pins and traction or that we can never go to India, ever. He will explain what is needed for the broken foot to heal, and that will be that.

One of these days, I will be funny again.

---mimi smartypants


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