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2008-11-05 ... 1:06 p.m.


No more election baloney clogging up my bandwidth! I know, it is very un-civic-minded of me. Yesterday when I was leaving work a woman in the elevator said, "I am so excited! Itís like Christmas Eve! And if I wake up to President Obama, it will be the best Christmas ever!"

This irritated the crap out of me. Look, I like the man,* I voted for the man, I think he has good intentions and will do a good job and will hire excellent people to give him advice. And hey! Bonus points! He doesn't seem to hate women! But he is not Santa Claus or Glinda the Good Witch or some human good-luck charm. I hate to break it to you lady, but Obama will not be bringing the nation Barbie Dream Houses and Hot Wheels tracks anytime soon.

*How could anyone not, really? He filmed a "Go Bears" segment. He looks like this when driving the bumper cars. He apologizes for inadvertent cock-blocking. If the vote was for awesomeness and not President, it would have been even more of a landslide.


Can I touch the lobster? Wow!


I do believe she is proclaiming her Crip allegiance there, with the blue bandana. And she definitely wants to chill on the couch and not have her picture taken.

Also, here is a drawing from kindergarten.

The teacher wrote down the kids' (current) career goals and then they illustrated the page. I love how FUTURE Nora is completely surrounded by skulls, bones, chisels, and cryptic writing. That is quite a dig site.

---mimi smartypants stole some artifacts.


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