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1999-10-29 ... 14:09:10

What the hell is with this weather? 76 degrees and sunny? It's October! It's practically Halloween! I want to wear my tights with the skulls on them! Long dresses! Snuggly coats! None of this summer crap!

All right, enough of that.

Last night was our friend Matt's birthday, and coincidentally, he was playing with his jazz combo at the bar right up the street...LT went but I was just way too wiped out. That's what going out after work every night of the week will get you. I just felt haggard. So I went to bed around 10:30, and woke up at around 1 and he wasn't back yet. For some mysterious reason I decided to get up and wait for him (I guess it was just lonely in the bed) and ended up on the couch in my robe watching professional rodeo on cable. Bull riding. I cannot believe that there are people who do this for a living. And what unspeakable thing do they do the the bull's testicles to make him thrash about like that? This rodeo stuff is a very strange subculture that I'm kind of glad I know nothing about. When I want to see cows, I go to Lincoln Park zoo.

It's not my fault that I grew up in an urban area and can't take livestock for granted...

---mimi smartypants


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