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1999-10-28 ... 14:29:57

Last night I was walking around cleaning things (sort of), and I had the TV on, and I heard a voice from it ask, "Are you tired of the same old flakes?" Yes, I thought. I am tired of the same old flakes. But why keep this feeling to myself? "I'm tired of the same old flakes," I said out loud. "Hey Cat," I yelled from the bathroom, "I'm tired of the same old flakes!" I don't know why I glommed onto this phrase, but it really vastly amused me. LT kind of thought I was losing it.

And I am, sort of. Work has just been so incredibly hectic. Interesting, and different, but hectic. I think I'm going to like management, though, at least in the publishing context...I love to edit, but editing plus doing management stuff breaks up the day into more interesting bits. Or more interesting flakes, if you will.

Here are some words I like:









I'm ready to get out of here. I've paid my dues for the day. What do you think? Are you tired of the same old flakes, too?

flaking out,

---mimi smartypants


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