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2000-10-23 ... 13:15:30

Someone has wind chimes in the office down the hall and it's making me grit my teeth. I am convinced that owning/enjoying wind chimes is a mark of insanity. What in the world would make someone enjoy a random tinkling noise?

My apologies to those of you who are wind chime owners. For the record, I have heard a few enjoyable wind chimes----mostly those that are larger and with a lower tone. But for the most part, the randomness of it all just really gets on my nerves.

Mimi Smartypants, the Girl Most Likely to Get Tossed Out of a Zen Retreat.

Quick book note: I recommend The Sooterkin, by Tom Gilling. Very good so far.

I had a real jerk of a cabdriver Friday night: he mocked me (as in literally, doing that little-kid thing and repeating everything I said under his breath), took me out of my way even though I gave very clear directions, jerked me around about the fare, and said, "I don�t like you" as I got out. (I of course said back, "I don�t like you either.") His behavior was truly bizarre, and although I usually cut the mentally ill some slack, this time I took down his license number and called with a complaint. Loony he may be, but perhaps he shouldn't be in a service industry and entrusted with a motor vehicle. Hopefully the Department of Consumer Services will make his life difficult.

Speaking of lousy customer service, check this out. (Yo, check it!) I go to the library, and put down my armload of books at the circulation check-out counter. The chick behind said counter (who, mind you, sits on her ass and stamps books all day) sighs heavily, reaches for my stack, and says, "Next time, can you have them all facing the same way?"

Can you believe that?

I said, simply, "No, I can�t." She gave me a weird look but didn't press the point.

Hey, I hate people too. I thank the stars every day that my work doesn't put me in contact with the general public. But if your work DOES put you in contact with the general public, you really should at least fake civility. Wait until I leave the library to bitch about these dumb patrons who can't seem to get all their books facing the same way. If it really bugs you that much.

If you are a crazy-ass cabdriver, however, well, I can't help you.

---mimi smartypants, who does not want to super-size it, thanks anyway.


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