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2008-10-20 ... 11:32 a.m.

I have a DayQuil capsule on my desk, somehow out of its packaging and left over from the last cold. I keep thinking I should throw it away, as it is not professional to keep loose over-the-counter pharmaceuticals around, nor is it fair to make the cleaning staff gingerly dust around my lonely little DayQuil. But then I notice how the crappy under-cabinet office lights make it glow an amazing deep orange, and I end up staring at it for long minutes and forgetting to read and edit all these depressing articles about depression. What are you doing, Mimi? Oh, just tripping on my DayQuil. No, I haven't actually swallowed it, I'm just looking at it. Too bad I do not live in 17th-century Japan, as this DayQuil capsule definitely deserves a haiku.

When I am not trancing out on shiny things, I am having hamster-brain in the worst way. My mind has the terrible talent of skipping ahead to find ramifications of events that have not happened and maybe never will. Thus, all LT has to do is mention that he might think about getting a "regular" job next year, as independent projects are starting to show signs of drying up, plus recruiters keep calling with tempting annual dollar amounts that would allow us to both pay off the kitchen remodel and take Nora somewhere awesome, like China for a heritage trip, Argentina to eat her weight in steak, Mongolia so she can fistfight a yak, whatever. Do I say "hmmm, sounds interesting, keep me updated"? No. Do I think OH CHRIST MUST CREATE ENTIRE ALTERNATIVE LIFE PLANS and waste a whole morning obsessing over after-school programs, babysitting options for the school/home-from-work gap that would ensue, fanciful never-gonna-happen telecommuting options that would allow me to take over school pickup duty? Yes, ridiculously. Bridges! Cross them! At the appropriate time! Must remember this.

Then I take a break from all that in order to have impure thoughts about random strangers, such as the nerd-glasses striped-kneesocks woman on the train carrying a bookbag with the words "I, too, dislike it" embroidered on its front. Swoony.

All this is very bad for my concentration.

We took Nora to some kind of nature-trail apple-festival stuff this weekend and she made a beeswax candle and went on a hayride, etc. That will do, for hayrides. That hayride will last me about a decade. Not that it was a particularly harrowing hayride or anything, it is just not an experience I feel compelled to repeat. All that fresh air absolutely ruined me, I was good for nothing but the NFL from under a blanket afterwards. Nora, however, continued her go-go-go-ness at home by setting up an epic battle between Star Wars guys (for some reason she called them "the Germans" during this game) and plastic dinosaurs, eating three huge pieces of pizza, and making herself a fake ID (a square of cardboard with DRIVING LISINS FOR NORA printed on it).

She also wrote me a ton of love notes and put them under my pillow, as I found out when I got into bed that night (embarrassingly early). I kind of love how she signs her whole name to everything lately. I would not want to get confused, as there could be some other Nora who loves me with a MILLYON TRILLYON BITS OF LOVE.

---mimi smartypants is not the target of a vast conspiracy.


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