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1999-10-19 ... 11:58:04

I think they may have stopped making my bra. This is very upsetting. I've been to Marshall Field's and Lord and Taylor and no one has it. Next store I'm going to ask one of the bra ladies if it's still in their inventory books.

Every bra-wearing chick knows what a pain it is to buy these things. You take 8000 bras into the dressing room with you, 2 fit and 1 of those is ugly. So when I found this bra that fit and wasn't ugly, I bought one in every color. But now that they're getting kind of sad looking I need more. And they are nowhere to be found. And I am not looking forward to starting all over again.

As long as I'm on my lingerie rant, can I ask a question here? You have this bra style. It comes in cup sizes A, B, C, etc. (For the record, I'm a 36A.) The B and C are normal. The A cup is padded. Now this is the same style bra we're talking about here. How offensive that the powers that be would assume that anyone with an A cup wants extra padding! I mean really, bite me!

Arrggh. I hate shopping. This afternoon I'm going to meet LT down here though, and do some of it. He needs a sportcoat so he can look professional when he starts teaching at Notre Dame in January, and today I noticed that the strap on my bag is about one millimeter away from breaking. Maybe I'll even look for a bra while we're there. Yuck.

---mimi smartypants


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