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1999-10-18 ... 13:42:59

Oh yes, I'm so full of sushi right now. Some cow-orkers (I like the hyphen better there) and I went out to the tiny Ginza Fish restaurant, which is on the bottom floor of the Tokyo Hotel. Now some of you might think that eating raw fish in what is essentially a transient hotel would not be a good idea, but you would be so very wrong because it was delicious.

I think it's awesome that in this "neighborhood" where I work (River North), which is full of evil sterile things like the Hard Rock Cafe and Niketown and all that crap, there is still that transient hotel and, a few blocks over, porno shops. I hope they never leave.

Weekend hijinks...LT was at a conference so Friday night I got all gothed up and went to Neo to dance around like a maniac. It was quite fun, although it took me several washings the next day to get all the eyeliner off. I spoke to a man with paper-mache devil horns on his head who had these things to say: 1) his name is "Shadow" 2) he works in a gasket factory and 3) he wishes to "destroy society."

I love nightclub freaks.

You all should read for more Chicago-based diary fun. I don't know any HTML, nor do I really desire to (why do you think I'm on Diaryland?), so that's not actually going to be a link or anything. Type it in yourself. She actually has some design, too, unlike me (again, for now I'm happy letting Andrew do all the work).

Just call me LazyGirl.

----mimi smartypants


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