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1999-10-15 ... 10:47:19

Office supplies. Let's talk office supplies. Have you seen these new correction-tape dispenser things, made by Liquid Paper? They lay down a strip of like flexible white plastic that ends up totally flush with the page and you can write on it right away. (Run-on sentences, ahoy!) I quite like them and have stolen several.

Getting ready to leave last night when Kat called...she was very very angry about some workplace crap and said, "Meet me at Lemmings or I start taking hostages..." So what was I to do but go drink beer? Home fairly early, though, popcorn, conversation, and then yummy sex with my husband. Everybody say: awwww. I had to get some lovin' (say that in your best pimp voice) because this morning LT left at some unlawful time starting with the number "5" to present a paper at an academic conference in Milwaukee. Such a little wonderboy.

Today is shaping up to be very odd, as I'm trying to work (well, not right at the moment, but you know) and move into my new office (with the window!) at the same time. I got a semi-threatening e-mail message from Building Services saying I should "vacate my current premises by 5 pm tonight." Or what? Whattaya gonna do about it, tough guy?

I just finished this horrible, horrible book, Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't have expected it to be good, but it was there in the library and I hadn't found anything else. Anyway, it's dreadful. Stay away. All this whining and size obsession: who is like this? Real women are not like this. At least I hope not. If they are, give me names and addresses because I need to kick some ass.


---mimi smartypants


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