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2001-10-15 ... 3:33 p.m.

ANTHRAX ANTIDOTE (not really): Spongebob Squarepants might help, if you (like me) are having some trouble giggling lately. I love things that are for both kids and adults. Sesame Street was always like that...the kids appreciate the Muppets doing silly things, the adults appreciate the Shakespeare or "Monsterpiece Theater" parody. And, of course, the Muppets doing silly things.

This article made me extremely unhappy. And what exactly do they mean by "such thefts [of industrial explosives] are not uncommon"? Oh really? Just another run-of-the-mill theft of industrial explosives, yoo dee doodle-oo. Suggestion from me: lock that shit up.

Okay, enough of this.

I bought a food item recently solely for the packaging. The Jewel brand of some sort of "fruit"-flavored gummy snacks features this illustration, which is just marvelous. If I had a scanner I'd show you the whole box, because it's not just the image, it's the found poem that is the text on the side of the box. My favorite part is the assertion that "a prehistoric world of fruitiness lurks within."

A prehistoric world of fruitiness lurks within. Seriously, it's lurking. Within. The prehistoric world of fruitiness.

Hats way, way, off to the copywriter who came up with the prehistoric world of fruitiness.

Yesterday I went to a Bears game, and it was quite fun. The rain held off until the game was over. In fact, the weather was downright balmy for the most part; I ended up taking off my jacket and LT even got a tad bit o' forehead sunburn. The Bears even won, although why they do that "handoff to James Allen, who will then run straight up the middle smack into a pile of defensive linemen and go absolutely nowhere" play on EVERY SINGLE FIRST DOWN continues to mystify me.

Is it odd of me to like football? I've gotten some comments that I don't fit "the stereotype" in that respect. (Said commentator neglected to mention what stereotype that would be, so I'll take his word for it.) I like that football is all about strategy and process and incremental gains. Also, I like injuries. Hey, if we must have bread and circuses, let's at least have some spectacular circuses.

I'm tired and colorless. Someone should throw a blanket over me.

---mimi smartypants, lurking within.


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