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2000-10-13 ... 15:48:39

Im kind of tired today.

Some observations.

A guy riding the bus in a suit always looks a tiny bit out of place to me, whereas there's nothing noteworthy about a guy riding the subway in a suit. Why is that?

The Ramones always seem to want something or not want something. "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." "I Wanna Be Sedated." "I Wanna Live." "I Don't Want to Go Down in the Basement." They are a very ego band. Ego not as in they are egotistic, but in the Freudian sense: the Ramones are an Ego band the same way that R.E.M. is a Superego band and Nine Inch Nails is an Id band.

Some of these hip-hop kids wear ridiculously baggy pants. I've been known to affect some baggy pants myself, on occasion, but some of the kids are really pushing the envelope of bagginess. It's absurd to be walking on your pants legs and have the ass pockets of your jeans hang down somewhere around your ankles.

LT and I have already decided that if we ever have a teenage son (which I assume would involve getting pregnant and giving birth to a small, infant son first), when we want to punish him we'll ground him from baggy pants. If hes a indie music kid, we'll ground him from chain wallets. "OK, young man, that's a week. Here's your well-tailored corduroys...oh look how nice they fit in the back! And here's a velcro wallet, too. Maybe you'll learn your lesson this time."

The traditional Christian concept of heaven has always repelled me. It seems like most of these folks believe that after you die you're still you, with your own personal personality etc, and you're "up there" in heaven conversing and hanging out with other distinct souls and personalities.

That sounds awful. To me, one of the most difficult things about being human and being alive is the fact that we are all trapped inside our bodies and minds and souls and consciousnesses, all separate from each other and from the world and from everything and completely unable to get outside ourselves. You can never really "know" another person completely, because you have to interface on this level of you being you and them being them. It takes a lot of training, drugs, drum circles, religion, whatever floats your boat, to be able to shut up the distinct individuality of one's own brain, even for a second.

So when I die, I would like to cease to exist as Mimi Smartypants. I would like to just join the cosmic forces or whatever. Reincarnation? Sure, as long as I have no conscious memory of who I was before.

Not that I hate myself or anything, but seriously, what would be the point of getting born over and over again as the same person/soul/what have you? You'd be like, "Oh no, not this crap again."

I like the word "grid." Shout it out! GRID! GRRRRRRRID!

That is all.

---mimi smartypants


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