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1999-10-12 ... 14:28:22

This morning I was listening to NPR as I got dressed for work (because I am SUCH a snob) (or more accurately because I hate commercial radio more, if this is possible, than I hate Hollywood movies), and they were talking about DisneyQuest and NikeTown and all that InterCapped consume-o-rama shoppertainment type nonsense, and one of the speakers said they were "the new urban entertainment."

And being an urban girl myself, I ask: Whatever happened to the good old days of drinking beer and throwing the empty bottles at the rats?

THAT is some primo entertainment. And lest you think I'm joking, one of our good friends lives next to a vacant lot, on the very outposts of what will eventually be Wicker Park, and this vacant lot is overrun with crack whores (literally) and rats. During the summer we had a grand old time trying to peg them (the rats, not the crack whores) with beer bottles (and don't get on my case about littering, because a vacant lot is none too pretty anyway, especially full of vials and needles like this one, and besides, there were PLENTY of "can guys" working that area who probably made their food money off the recycling. So lay off). This sport was even more spectacular at night, when there was just the dark exciting shape of the rat and one had to guesstimate the size of the sucker.

Ah. I wish I was on the back porch drinking beer right now. And throwing the empties at the rats. Nothing sounds sweeter.

So last night I went to yoga and acheived an unsupported headstand for the first time. Didn't feel GOOD, exactly, but I did it.

Meeting my sister-in-law (who's my age and who rocks a lot harder than your average relative) for dinner in mere hours. Lots of wine, lots of pasta. Lots of beer afterwards, at Lemming's, my "regular." Yee haw.

Turn and face the strange,

---mimi smartypants


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