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2001-10-12 ... 1:47 p.m.

Yesterday was my day to be talked at. I had multiple meetings at work, then I got my hair cut and the guy was in quite the garrulous mood, and delivered a nonstop monologue about the Taliban and Pakistan and then switched over to an equally garbled rant about art and creativity and interpretation and something about how classical musicians aren't really artists since they don't create anything new. I know, it didn't make sense to me either. I tried to chime in at one point, especially since he kind of got my goat with that last comment, but have you ever met one of those people who use any statement you make as nothing more than a jumping-off place for their next comment? Um, that's not dialogue. So I pretty much gave up and just made mmm-hmm noises, except for interrupting him at one point to say "Don't do that" when it looked like he was trying to blow-dry my hair so the ends would flip up in this horrible cutesy Gidget-esque way.

But it doesn't stop there. The drunk on my bus home talked and talked to everyone and no one, my sister came over for dinner (which is fine, which is great, but equals more talking), we ordered Chinese and the delivery guy had trouble with the address so I had to basically talk him to my door house by house via telephone like an air traffic controller, and right after dinner a friend of mine called from New York, and again, that's fine, that's great, but you know, the talking. I'm all talked out. No talking! Shhh!

A link stolen from Mister Pants: I love this guy. Oh man. I haven't laughed like that in a while. Check out his mustache and generally surly demeanor. He doesn't look like he enjoys being a hamburger. I would! I would! Although apparently I'm too short for the costume. If you click on "Food Costumes" on that page you can see others, including some vegetables and fruits. I swear, put me in a banana costume and I'd run amok. I'd run through the subway cars grabbing people's asses and screaming "I'm a BANANA! I'm APPEALING!" I'd push little kids off the slide at the playground: "ME FIRST! I'M NUTRITIOUS!"

---mimi smartypants, no shame in my game


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