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2000-10-10 ... 18:20:07

Is it pretentious of me to be depressed over the Israel/Palestine situation? Because I am, I think. Slightly. Depressed, that is.


It occurs to me that I've never seen the movie Titanic. I don't know why, I just missed it. It was on cable the other night when I was flipping channels and I watched about 5 minutes before I got fed up with all the water and tilting and being handcuffed to pipes and such. I wonder how it ended, if they found a way to patch up the ship or something. Wouldn't that be awesome if that's how the moviemakers had decided to end it? Like maybe the crew passed out emergency bubble gum and everybody chewed a whole bunch and they used it to patch up the iceberg hole and all were saved and class differences erased and everyone lived happily ever after? No one ever said historical movies had to be historically accurate. (And I'm glad that they are not, otherwise we wouldn't have all those great toga and Cleopatra-type movies I raved about earlier.)

I need a sort of autumn jacket. I have a heavy snuggly winter coat, but it is not good for autumn-ish days like today. I ate lunch at the Chicago Place mall today (the idea of a "food court" is somewhat repellent but the building is very convenient) and wandered into Saks, halfheartedly looking for an autumn jacket, and tried on a lovely dark green one that looked very nice on me, until I looked at the price tag and it was $695. Then it started looking not so nice.


Holy cow!

I don't think it matters how much money I make. I can't spend $695 for a jacket. I have a strong Puritan/economical streak.

---amish mimi smartypants


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