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2000-10-04 ... 12:12:40

2 Things I Hate:

That commercial: "Beef: It's What's For Dinner." No it's not what's for dinner! God, I hate that voice of the patriarchy ordering us to stuff our diseased First World white person colons full of dead cow flesh! Whaddaya mean, it's what's for dinner? Don't I get to see a menu?

I'm not really a rabid vegetarian (a vegetarian, but hopefully not a rabid one), I just object to the authoritarian tone of that damned commercial.

Hate Number 2: People who start every sentence with "basically." What is that supposed to mean? Does it mean, "There's a much more intelligent and complicated explanation, but since I'm talking to you, moron, I'll keep it basic"?

Although I am full of bile today, I refuse to have an entire diaryland entry full of nothing but hate. So here's a fun fact: a quagga is an extinct mammal that was similar to a zebra. And it would be a most excellent Scrabble word. So memorize that one, kids, if you're the Scrabble-playing type.

One of my fondest memories of my grandma was her kicking my ass in Scrabble every time she visited. Stuffing me full of food (she was the sort who would WHIP your piece of toast away from you if she spied a tiny area that wasn't dripping with butter) and totally kicking my Scrabble ass. She knew all kinds of wacky words.


---mimi "triple word score" smartypants


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