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1999-10-01 ... 12:51:59

Last night I went out, to the Empty Bottle in the Ukranian Village to see my coworker's band, who totally rock. (Snotty girl garage punk, yay!) After work I hung around and talked to LT (who was really too tired to go out) before getting dressed (in my new favorite antique pajama top, yay again) and walking over to Western to get on the Bus From Hell. I swear, going south on Western Ave is one of the most depressing trips you're ever going to take. Alternates between grinding poverty and industrial corridor wasteland. Anyway, I got to the club and found S. had put me on the guest list, which was a nice way to save $7. Kat and her friend Debra, who's visiting from Detroit, were'nt there yet, so I sat on the couch for a while and watched some guys play pool. One of the resident cats jumped up on my lap and I petted it for a while, but it turned out he was mostly interested in sniffing/sitting on my leather jacket. Ah well.

The band was good, Debra (whom I'd never met before) was fun and full of good stories about Detroit. I had 2 beers and was perfectly fine for work today. Kat drove me home. Such a nice urban evening, yes indeed.

Probably going out again tonight, according to e-mail from LT. Aren't we popular?

And it's October! My favorite month! I'm just a nauseating bundle of happiness, so I'll sign off and try to gather some angst for the next entry.


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