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2006-09-27 ... 10:10 a.m.


Everyone has heard the standard relationship advice about "fighting fair." I hear that you feel that I am being an asshole. I honor your hearing of my feeling that you are being an asshole. And so forth. LT and I tend to fight fair by default, which is by hardly fighting at all. We mostly agree on the big stuff and have a sense of proportion about the small stuff, so that when he is leaving a trail of newspaper sections and used glassware all over the house I can be like "eh, he's messy." Likewise, he usually keeps his cool when I am having a control-freak anxiety attack about how we need to leave NOW because what if there's traffic and being late is the greatest sin and OH MY GOD YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SHOWERED YET???

The problem with our friendly reasonableness is that we have very little experience with being angry with each other, and thus when we are there is less hearing and honoring of feelings and more of the flashpoint YOU FUCKING FUCKHEAD that is exactly what couples are not supposed to do. Of the two of us, however, I win the award for Worst Argument Behavior ever. On this particular occasion, there was some mix-up/disagreement about a Nora-related thing (she was already in bed, but the disagreement persisted), and he made the mistake of rolling his eyes in exasperation as he walked away from me, which is the one thing guaranteed to make me froth at the mouth. I lost it, momentarily forgot that I was talking to an adult and not a crabby three-year-old, and actually stomped my foot while saying, "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW." Meaning, get back over here and fight like a man, meaning oh no we are not done here buddy, but um. OOPS. I probably would have disemboweled him had the tables been turned (I mean, what the fuck?), so LT gets major credit for not even addressing the meta issue of how much I sucked at that moment, and for just trotting back to me and finishing the "discussion."

Hey, I just noticed that last week was the anniversary of when I started writing here at Diaryland. Remember that? Remember 1999? Huh. It's kind of a blur. Too bad there are no rewards for longevity other than a hearty, "Damn, girl." I have been keeping a diary since the fourth grade, and sometimes I get slightly impressed with myself when I think about that. Other, more numerous times, I just shake my head at the thought of all those words squandered on saying what did not need to be said. There is a very good reason why thoughts are often described as "ephemeral" or "fleeting," and here I am immortalizing the blah-blah for future reference.


"He was woken in the night by two police officers who warned him that the solar-powered gnome, dressed in full police uniform, was offensive to his neighbours."


The other day on some random television show I heard a guy talk about how fed up he is with this country, and how Bush stole two elections and starts wars and is destroying the economy and there is so much political corruption, etc. So this guy had bought a house in Mexico, and was going to move there as soon as possible.

Although I am TOTALLY BORED with all the Idiot Chimp Hail To The Thief discussions, I agree with much of the above---definitely the sentiment if not all the details. But hold the phone: you have had it with political corruption and you are moving to Mexico? Seriously? Mexico, famous for its honest, upstanding politicians and police and judiciary! World-renowned for its robust economy! Gee, if transparency and accountability in government are what you're after, why not move to Belarus or North Korea?

There is no day that cannot be made a little better by looking at kid art, so here are two Nora drawings. The first is LT in space (note his huge feet, heh heh), the second is a portrait of me. I have such lovely thick hair!

---mimi smartypants for here or to go?


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