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2001-09-25 ... 1:28 p.m.

There was all this ruckus and thumpy-thump music outside my office a while ago, and I looked out the window expecting to see a demonstration or a dance party or something cool, and it turned out to be a bunch of people from this new health club doing Tae-Bo in the street. Ick.

Perhaps you have not heard of kaparot. The Orthodox congregation next door was perfroming this ritual in the early morning a few days ago, and some of their chickens had gotten loose. It was total chaos, chickens underfoot, running in front of alley traffic, straw and animal poop everywhere. Personally, though, I like an element of total chaos in my city living. H (who is a real person, and far too cool to have a "web presence," and thus there is no link there) provided me with this coloring page about the chicken-swinging custom, and the image of the gleeful disembodied torso hefting a smirking chicken is simultaneously charming and disturbing.


(1) Groin-tingling!

(2) Now with 60% more unidentifiable bits!

(3) Four out of five baked goods agree....

(4) It will improve your life....somewhat!

(5) Tongue: The Meat That Tastes You Back!

(6) Very Much Like Food!

And one real tagline that totally cracks me up: the actual slogan for Colt 45 Malt Liquor is "Works Every Time." ("God damn! I'm drunk again! This shit works EVERY TIME!")

---mimi "Olde English 800" smartypants


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