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2001-09-21 ... 11:06 a.m.

I'm at home, in my pajamas, taking today off for absolutely no reason. The best kind of day off.

Last night I heard the President's speech on a taxicab radio, with an obviously Muslim cabdriver (to judge by his religious dashboard accoutrements), who shook his head sadly after every empty wave-the-flag phrase. Personally I felt the same way. (The link up there is some commentary, not the text of the speech. I would never inflict that on you.)

"Operation Infinite Justice" is a really, really lousy name. Of course, I keep wanting to turn it into "Operation Infinite Jest." However, I doubt that the top enchiladas at the Pentagon have ever read David Foster Wallace. Or Hamlet, for that matter.

It occurs to me that although just about everything else seemed to be put on hold after the disaster (the attack? the tragedy? the Events? I'll take "appropriate nouns" for $200), I continued to receive spam. Spam-senders must have some sort of automatic spam-sending program they run. Because they couldn't seriously believe that last week was a good time to tell perfect strangers about making money fast, or penis enlargement, or HOT SEXXXY BARELY LEGAL SLUTS.

(I always write these paragraphs and then worry that I'll get all kinds of hits from people doing sick and wrong Google searches, or, in my infinite loop of self-consciousness, that you as readers will think that I wrote that paragraph specifically to increase pageviews from aforementioned perverts, and you will think that I am an attention-starved loony, and I consider not mentioning the spam item, or at least not including those particular words, but then I think no, fuck it, I'm not going to practice self-censorship just because of what the hypothetical you might hypothetically think. Besides, those Google-searching perverts will be sorely disappointed when they find this page, with no hot sexxxy barely legal sluts whatsoever.)

A great article from The New Yorker, about having absolutely no frame of reference for the terrorist attacks.

Also, you should read these two poems.

My apologies for being all strange and introspective today.

---mimi "perfectly legal" smartypants


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