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2008-09-03 ... 1:59 p.m.

I feel kind of quiet lately. Maybe remodeling has sucked all the words right out of me. New appliances, countertop (finally), and sink are very enjoyable, however, and I have to admit that the LT-demanded refrigerator-door ice/water dispenser, which initially had me saying "what's the big deal" (LT: IT SEPARATES US FROM THE APES!), is the bomb. Those ice cubes falling into your glass are noisy, though. No more getting ice on the down low. No more sneaking a fingernail into the ice tray and pulling out your private cube. HI EVERYONE I AM PUTTING ICE IN MY BEVERAGE.

If Nora were more informed on all things World Wide Web, she would probably scorn the notion of online diaries altogether. All this talk and no action. To her the computer is just a big box to play games on, although she sometimes asks me to "check it up," meaning that I should confirm one of her theories or half-remembered facts by means of the Internet.

Her last day of summer vacation involved this:

She got all the way to the top. Apparently gym staff were calling one another to come look, and there was spontaneous applause from other exercisers when she made it over a difficult boulder-y bit.

I would love to brag that she has some kind of natural ability, but it has to just be simple physics. Having that kind of limb strength but only weighing 36 pounds must be a little like being an ant or a spider.

Then she ate a bowl of ice cream as big as her head.

Then she got a pedicure, with the Superman logo painted on her big toes.

Yesterday I dropped her off at kindergarten and she gave me a huge "thumbs-up" sign before walking away all skinny-legged with her giant orange backpack. And I did not cry, I just had a little "oh man" moment as I walked to the train. This new walk to the train takes me through a rather intriguingly grubby stretch of Albany Park, so at least I did not have the moment for long. It is rather difficult to sustain mushy, sentimental, "Sunrise, Sunset" moments when you are dodging chicken wing bones, diseased pigeons, and people wearing bedroom slippers who want to know if you have a cigarette. It also goes past a blood bank, the slummy kind that pays you for donating, and it is always PACKED! At eight in the morning! Amazing how early people will awaken to trade plasma for Colt .45, it really warms your heart. Or your blood. Or your forty-ounce. Something.

I have been using Wikipedia as a sort of fortune-teller, hitting "random article" and seeing what it portends. Today it portended this! "We will need a lot more hemp before we're through." Wow, no shit! To make it through this movie, anyway!

---mimi smartypants doesn't recognize your laws!


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