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2007-08-21 ... 11:20 a.m.


Because I only seem to have images at the moment. Which makes me feel weird, because historically when have I ever allowed readers to take a break from endless blocks of sans-serif ruminations and just look at pretty pictures? But hell, I have vacation photos and they are very Nora-centric and she is just too fabulous not to document.

Lobster attack!

Scaling the gazebo at Martha's Vineyard. Nora will get us all arrested one day.

Ignoring my clearly stated direction about distance from the lens.

Jumping around on the beach with no pants on.

Does it get better than jumping around on the beach with no pants on? No it does not.

Here is the only acceptable thing to eat for breakfast right now if you are Nora. I have mixed food-police emotions on the topic: on the one hand, more sugar grams than is ideal but on the other, all-natural organic no high-fructose blah blah. She is pretty anti-food in the mornings but will be an unholy mess if she doesn't eat, so I suppose a brick of chocolate carbs plus some soy milk is better than nothing. And better than fighting about it.

Here is the Suave Kids shampoo that freaks me out each and every day as I take a shower.

Every day I am naked, myopic, and wondering what the hell is up with this starfish and his Hunter S. Thompson sunglasses. Wondering if I could Photoshop a little cigarette holder into its mouth and if the Thompson estate would come after me for doing so. Wondering how the toothless starfish managed to take such a perfectly shaped bite of its blue ice cream bar and exactly what sort of vile noise its tentacles will make as the suckers on the underside peel away from that innertube thing. Also that I have never seen an animated spokescreature who was quite so accessorized (sunglasses, visor, and lei) and yet wore no clothes, but that I bet it is really hard to find suitable swimwear for the starfish body type.

---mimi smartypants knows that they are really supposed to be called sea stars.


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