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2001-08-13 ... 10:37 a.m.

Whenever I'm walking around downtown, I constantly get asked for directions. I must look safe and nondescript. I don't mind giving directions, but it does happen a hell of a lot: 3 times in one 6-block walk. Maybe I'll draw up some maps and sell them for a quarter each.

The Iowa trip. There sure was a lot of corn. The United States is just too huge. It's unmanageably huge. It's a huge, sparsely populated (for its size) place. The corn-sky-grass-highway, corn-sky-grass-highway montage was a bit bizarre and agoraphobic for me, to tell the truth.

However, the drive went a lot quicker than I thought it would and we were ahead of schedule for the wedding. Which was very good, since the alternator on the car blew up just as we were about 20 minutes from our hotel. (Don't ask me what an alternator is, but LT said it was an important bit of the car.) We made it to the hotel (a Fairfield Inn, where we stayed in their "Executive Suite" at the ridiculously low price of $79) and had our car fixed at the Amoco around the corner. For being an important bit of car, an alternator is really not all that expensive. So if someone ever tells you that you need a new alternator, stay calm.

So that was Iowa. I ate two meals at a Perkins, because the food options in Coralville, Iowa, were somewhat limited, and now I never want to see another fried egg as long as I live. I enjoy a fried breakfast as well as the next girl, but two fried breakfasts in two days was Grease Overkill. The wedding was nice, outdoors and mercifully short (I tend not to do well in direct sunlight). There were no awkward scenes. The reception was a no-frills fried chicken affair at an American Legion hall, which was interesting in its own way. I reunited with one of my favorite people, another former girlfriend of the groom, and we gabbed all night and were fabulous together and now I finally have a way to contact her that doesn't involve going through him. I drank just enough (oh, is there ever enough?) but perhaps should have declined the herbal portion of the entertainment....nothing untoward happened but it's been a while since I was around that stuff, so it had more of a brain-fog effect than I was expecting. Ah well. We arrived home at around 2 pm on Sunday to a very cranky cat.

Also, since we had a lot of time in the car to talk, LT and I made some Important Life Decisions this weekend. We're going to chuck our jobs, sell our house, and hit the road as the world's first husband-and-wife Hall and Oates tribute band. However, we keep arguing about who gets to be Oates. I say I would look better in the mustache.

Movies I've seen recently that didn't suck: Bachelor Mother, again, with Ginger Rogers and David Niven. Every modern sitcom actress has borrowed something from Ginger. And Three Kings, which I liked in spite of myself. Deeply flawed, but in interesting ways. And one movie that did suck, so I won't link it: High Fidelity. I'm not sure why I even watched it, since I didn't really care for the book, but the whole movie just bugged me. Everyone was so bland and the immature John Cusack character needed a beating. His immaturity may have been part of the point, but it doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy the movie. Also, if the director had shown John Cusack walking in the rain one more time I was going to throw a brick through the television. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DEPICT MELANCHOLY THAN A SOAKING WET JOHN CUSACK. Thank you.

----mimi "Oates" smartypants


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