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2000-08-01 ... 14:17:31

So I'm over at Kat's place, and I have the Reader spread open, and we're looking for something to do, and these big letters catch my eye, "BOSNIAN REFUGEES" and that's kind of a weird name but bands at Empty Bottle are usually pretty cool so I'm like "Let's go see that Bosnian Refugees" and then she points out the tiny words next to it that say, "Benefit for." Ooops. My bad. My postmodern bad.

Shout-out to A Certain Diarist who resides very near here: Oh yeah, like you were real difficult to find. I'm not 100% thrilled about real-life folks reading this, but what can you do. Hey, I have an idea: why don't you write something real mean and personal and nasty about me in your diary, then I can read it and get all upset but not know how to confront you, and I'll spill my guts here, and then we'll hate each other forever! OK? Great!

I took on this freelance editing project recently, and I'm really regretting it. You never saw such a disjointed bunch of crap in your entire life. Most scientists can't write, and the really charming thing is, they will never admit it.

In our ever-present quest to spend all major holidays overseas, LT and I have decided to plan on being in India over Thanksgiving. If I work work work at eliminating the outstanding Visa balance between now and then, we should be able to swing it in style. I want to ride an elephant. I mean, I want to soak up the culture see the Taj Mahal etc too, but I really want to ride an elephant.

And is that so wrong?

---mimi smartypants of the circus


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