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2001-07-30 ... 12:20 p.m.

The public library is just about the best invention ever. It's so punk! There are all these books! And you can borrow them! For free! I go to the library all the time, and I've noticed that not everyone does. For instance, I'll be having the "what are you doing after work" conversation, and I'll say that I'm stopping off at the library, and people will ask me "Oh, why?" as if I'm doing research or something. get books? Here's my system (I got theories, I got systems, I'm a complicated girl): I have a long running list of books that I want to read, culled from reviews, recommendations from friends, etc. I get these books from the library. If a book is really amazing, and something that I think I'll want to read again, it goes back on the list with a star next to it, which means I want to own it, and the next time I'm at a bookstore (real or virtual) I'll pick up a copy. This system works well for me, and ensures that I neither enrich the corporate pockets of Borders (which is owned by K-Mart, did you know that? how odd) nor end up with a house full of mediocre books. The slightly embarrassing thing about this is that I am on a first-name basis with some of the circulation clerks and security guards at the Harold Washington Library, since I'm there so darned often.

Here's a bit of ancient library history, if that sort of thing interests you. The size of the collections comes as a bit of a surprise. Impressive!

Mmmm. If pretzels and grapefruit juice for lunch is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I had a great dream (I know you don't care, so I'll make it quick) where me and some bald guy were looking for a place to have sex outside. (Why?) We walked down to a river bank and there were some monkeys in the water. I immediately said, "Not by the chimps."

Good policy. See, monkeys and sex are coming up again, just like that link a few days ago. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE MONKEYSEX!

---mimi "froggy but audible" smartypants


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