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2001-07-20 ... 11:47 a.m.

All the thoughts that I have relating to various forms of media are starting to pile up. So this is not so much an entry as a mental vacuum cleaner. (In the sense that it sucks. Get it? Get it? Sucks! Like a vacuum cleaner...oh never mind.)

You have no idea how much I heartily approve of this. Let's see, you can't go wrong with bowling. You can't go wrong with flashy outfits and performance art and drinking beer and acting strange. And you can never, never, go wrong with Mexican wrestling masks. If it were not so damn hot today, I too would be wearing a Mexican wrestling mask right now. But it's too hot. So I'm wearing a Mexican wrestling mask metaphorically, on the inside. Anyway, mix bowling, flashy outfits, alcohol, and Mexican wrestling masks and you get Enter The Guapo. Oh yes. Apparently it's free to witness the spectacle, but I'm a little intimidated.

I like Paul Klee and Iíve never been able to satisfactorily explain why.

Be careful with this link. Damn you, Damn you all to hell. You are a danger to the pocketbook of every book collector in the world. See, if you're me, you do an advanced search for books published after 1901 and before 1970, and which have the keywords "houswife," "etiqutte," or "cocktail" in the title, and then you spend and spend. Which is how I recently acquired a near-perfect copy of 1908's What A Young Wife Should Know, and you'd better believe I'll be sharing some gems from that volume soon. But still. They just make it too damn easy for us book freaks. DAMN YOU!

Peko Peko is a lovely little zine about food. I love to read about food. You can get it from Quimby's or Only $4.

Do you like short stories? Do you like intensely weird short stories? I have a fetish for any literature that features inanimate objects, since I'm convinced that they have a secret life of their own. The intolerable sadness of the fried egg, with its one yellow eye weeping buttery tears. The maternal kindness of the refrigerator. The eagerness of shoes, waiting for your feet, mouths wide open. I just finished this book today, and it features a lot of objects. Here's the first story in the collection.

One of the lesser-known Hepburn/Tracy movies, but a favorite of mine since it features a librarian, my secret other dream job. If I couldn't be an editor, I would want to be a librarian.

Yeah, sometimes irritates me too. But here's a review of another book of short stories that I liked, a lot.

Hey, you! Desk monkey! Stretch. I never know where to put my head (seriously, I am always holding my head at some weird angle, which is a major cause of my neck pain) and these little stretches that you can do at your desk have helped a lot.

The following are two things I like about the Web. is just a bunch of little personal stories from people, like you might hear in a bar. Hit Refresh for a new one. And I love this and have sent it to many friends...but only because I'm a sucker for stick-figure crayon drawings.

I just realized I said "various forms of media" but I didn't link to a single music-related thing. Hopefully you're humming out loud as you read this.

---mimi smartypants


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