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2000-07-18 ... 18:55:28

We had a party. Because of the new house. Why not just have everyone over at once. It was fun. I've decided that one advantage to getting older is that one's pad is remarkably less trashed the day after the party. And I know my friends aren't drinking less. I guess we just have a newfound respect for property in our old age.

I'm bored and cranky right now. I've been bored and cranky for a few days. Makes me not update. Anyone have remedies for bored crankiness?

On a happier note, my socks came today. I've been reduced to ordering women's Gold Toe socks off the Internet, since you cannot find them in stores. Or you can, sometimes, but they only come in the dreaded 3-pack that has 1 white, 1 black, and 1 gray. And I so do not want the white and gray. But the New York Sock Exchange (oh, so clever...although, similar to the "Blind Cleaning Service," it raises the question of whether they will send you old "exchanged" socks) has the women's size Gold Toe in a nice, all-black, 3-pack. And that rhymed. And I am a Poet.

Gold Toe socks are the very best socks, don't let anyone tell you different. I like my Pokemon and Incredible Hulk socks and all, but for everyday comfort it is all about the Gold Toe.

I interviewed someone today. She had really amazingly curly hair. Now I just have to go get on the elliptical trainer (my favorite decision-making place...well, besides a bar) and think about whether she would make a good employee.

---elliptical mimi smartypants


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