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2000-07-10 ... 13:40:54

Is it Monday or something? Because I just spilled Earl Grey all over my sleeve.

Do you know how much I hate wedding showers? Do you know how much I hate attending wedding showers while hungover? Because that was my Sunday. I find it very hard to gush and enthuse about towels and bakeware at any time, much less when I have a pounding headache and feel all cold and clammy.

That sounds like a snack item: New Cold N' Clammy!

And why was I hungover? Because people, you have got to stop giving me free stuff. LT and I went to go see Shelly's band, and I drank some beers, and then it turned out that the cheap draft was free for all the band members, and we just happened to know the band, so they got me some beers, and then the bartender bought me a beer, and then the bartender bought me a shot of tequila (I think she thought I was cute or something), and before I know it it's last call and I'm drunk. During the entire evening the rational part of my brain is saying, "OK, that's enough, say no to the next one," but then another free beer would appear (hey, that rhymes! sing it!) and the dark evil lizard part of my brain would make my hand reach for it.

All better now, though. Actually, I probably would have been fine if I had been able to lie in my bed and get over it, but nooooo, I had to go be a girl and enthuse over towels. On the hottest day of the year so far, no less.

with my sleeve fragrant with bergamot,

----ms. mimi smartypants


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