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2000-07-07 ... 12:57:48

I really have to pee right now. This may be a short one.

We survived the 4th but there are still idiot children setting off firecrackers in my neighborhood and making me jump out of my skin a dozen times an evening. The days leading up to the 4th were much louder than the 4th itself, however...perhaps all the idiot children had used most of them up. I swear, I kept expecting to hear the BANG! and then the screams of some idiot child with a bloody stump for a hand. And you know what, I might not be so quick to call the ambulance. That's how annoyed I am with the Firecracker People.

I did my traditional one sparkler (much safer) out on the back porch and drank some beer. That was the extent of my participation in the Exploding Holiday.

LT put up ceiling fans in our condo, in the bedroom and the study, $279 at Home Depot and much much swearing. But they look nice and it's nice and breezy at night.

This just in...I had interviewed a candidate Wednesday and she seemed groovy and likable, so we made her an offer. And she turned us down! Saying she had accepted another job! And I'm not sure I really believe that (the timing just seems odd), so now I'm feeling all rejected.


All right, time to pee.

---mimi smartypants


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