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2001-07-06 ... 11:26 a.m.

Why do people so desperately want to harsh on Courtney Love? What is it about her that makes people so crazy with bile? Why are there anti-Courtney Love Web pages and some folks will unleash a rant at the mere mention of her name?

Personally, I think Live Through This is a decent screamy album, for when you're in the mood for the screamy thing. I don't get into Celebrity Skin so much, because it's all weird and 1970s and California and has PRODUCED BY BILLY CORGAN written all over it. (Although Celebrity Skin, I forget which song, does have this great line: I was punk/Now I'm just stupid. I love that line.)

But Courtney herself? For the most part I couldn't give a shit. But the tiny part of my brain that is reserved for actually thinking about famous people (and it's pretty tiny) thinks that although Courtney Love is no doubt batshit insane, she also rules. Come on people. Don't you WANT your celebrities to have checkered pasts of heroin addiction and plastic surgery and ripping clothing off in public places and suicides and lesbian affairs and continually saying the wrong thing and star-fucking to get ahead? Which is it to be, more Courtney Loves or more Tom Hanks-es? Shrieking banshees or bland family men?

I thought so.

I saw the Hole concert for Live Through This, years ago at the Metro. And Courtney stage-dove (-dived?) and went right over my head, so close I felt the hem of her dress. That was a close one. I could have been killed.

This is my new mantra: self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Chant away, it's very soothing.

Subscribe this instant. Their tag line is "Feminist Response to Pop Culture." I don't always agree with everything they print, but it's always good stuff.

---mimi "make some noise!" smartypants


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