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2001-07-02 ... 1:23 p.m.

Welcome to Mimi Smartypants' Incredibly Lazy Blog-Like Thing. This will not be a regular thing, but it was born of necessity. I wrote a "normal" diary entry. In fact I wrote several entries, none of which met my standards. (It may come as a surprise that I have standards at all.) For some reason I'm being very hard on myself today. So instead I put together this list of links that have amused or entertained me in the last 3 months or so. Go forth and enjoy this big wide Web.

I am fascinated by fundamentalism in all its forms. Sometimes appalled, often frightened, but always transfixed. This site, where you can write in and Ask the Imam about the most minute details of Islam, is great. Check out the "Food and Nourishment" section, and find out whether or not it is permissible to eat chicken feet.

Out of sheer self-interest, I hesitate to even link this, because then you will discover a journal that is about a billion times more giggle-inducing than my own pitiful effort. But then again, I would never deny you the experience of these monsters' adventures. RRRRAAARRRR!

Computers that are working and yet not seen. I like that.

Fodder for nightmares. Nothing like drowning and bleeding to death at the same time.

Perhaps you would enjoy reading the lyrics of the Kuwaiti National Anthem. It's rather, shall we say, bombastic.

This builds a random nonsense article for you using all the hippest academic jargon.

Y'all already know about my fondness for old-timey advertising, and I've linked this site before, but here are two priceless ads: one which somehow manages to link jitterbugging and sanitary napkins(or tampons? the language is so veiled it�s hard to tell) and another that suggests one use a Lysol-like disinfectant as a douche. "So that's why Dick has been so cool towards me!"

Everyone's seen this before, but I just love the joke up in the top right corner. Millions!

I certainly hope you've been following the exploits of Monkey Man. Here's a bunch of Monkey Man articles in one place. Can I just say that Monkey Man is my new interspecies hero? Go Monkey Man! They say you're not real, but I still believe in you!

While we're on the topic of other species, the Otherkin are folks who believe that they are somehow not human. A few actually claim to be genetically not human (which seems to me easy enough to disprove). Besides being mind-bogglingly weird, this phenomenon probably says something about alienation and disenfranchisement that I can't quite articulate, even to myself. Freaks? Yes, but you have to hand it to someone for primo terminology: "otherkin" is a great word.

More proof that this pop star is really a drag queen. Or at the very least has one for a fashion advisor.

this guy. It's important to set goals. Even sad ones.

What if famous philosophers wrote their own personal ads?

In case you need to practice your overly dramatic dance floor moves. I myself am mostly a practitioner of "I Am A Frond of Seaweed," but with small, below-the-knee kicks and expansive arm gestures. Thank goodness for goth sites that are able to laugh at themselves.

Last but not least, James Joyce's Ulysses as a series of animated gifs.

Hey, we all need a break from personal narrative once in a while. Next entry, it'll be all about me. (Oh joy.)

---mimi "coded by hand, dammit" smartypants


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