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2001-06-23 ... 12:53 p.m.

Chicago (and possibly other places, I didn't look at the Web page that closely) has a chain of home improvement stores called Crafty Beaver. The picture of the beaver has always scared me. {FAUX IRISH ACCENT ON] Oooh, look at his wee beady eyes! He's a crafty beaver, there's no doubt of it! [FAUX IRISH ACCENT OFF]

The meaninglessness of what's called "being polite" can result in some pretty weird interactions. There are so many throwaway polite phrases that get said without attention to context. For instance, we ate out the other day and as the waitress set down my plate she said, "Enjoy your lunch," to which I automatically said, "You too." Then I realized she's not having any lunch. Arrggh. Leave it to me to make inappropriate comments. Although that one's not as bad as a coworker of mine who, when I returned from the Washington, DC, business trip, asked me if I had time to do any sightseeing. When I told her I had visited the Holocaust Museum, she said sarcastically, "Oh, you're a lot of fun." I still have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

Similarly at work, there are some folks who are insanely fond of putting "RUSH" stickers on everything they send out, with the exact opposite result of what they's become so common that I no longer take the RUSH sticker seriously. So then they write "SUPER" above the RUSH sticker. Uh huh. Sure.

This is great. I love found stuff.

It's really way too nice a day to be looking at this screen. More later, when the weekday merry-go-round begins again.

---mimi "fresh mountain spring" smartypants


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