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2000-06-21 ... 10:35:05

Work work etc. Not much is going on right now except that. I keep trying to remind myself that it could be worse. I remind myself that I actually like this job and remember all the past jobs that I hated. Like in high school, working in the video store. Or the stupid office with all the incompetent fools. Or my mercifully brief stint as a factory worker during a break from college when I was desperate for cash. Or when we lived in Bahrain, during the year of Middle Eastern adventures, and I took an under-the-table job doing advertising copywriting.

There were a few bright spots to the ad agency thing. Most of my job was converting into standard English slogans that the Arab copywriter had translated literally---including a powdered-milk ad that read, I kid you not, "Go Gay in a Milky Way!" I kind of liked that one as written.

I went out to see this band last night, and observing the local nightlife indie-rock dirty-hair scene led me to this question re: "cool"...why is it that certain tall (invariably tall) women can get away with wearing like these strange acetate nightgown-type things with weird little sweaters and bizarre grandma shoes and they look "cool"? Whereas I, in the same clothing, would look like a mental patient? Hmmm? Any thoughts on "cool"? Are you "cool"?

---mimi "hip hop don't stop" smartypants


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