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2001-06-07 ... 4:15 p.m.

Oh happy day! There is a chicken living in my alley!

I shit you not. There is definitely a chicken (actually, probably a rooster, but I prefer to call all chickens chickens, regardless of sex) living in one of the garages in my alley. I've been getting to work very early these days, and as I walk down the alley to the bus stop the chicken (rooster) makes a wonderful classic rooster sound, such as one would hear on Green Acres or a sound effects record or one of those children's animal-sound toys. I'm not sure which building the Chicken Garage belongs to, and I have a feeling it is somewhat illegal to keep a chicken in one's garage in the City of Chicago, but there's no way I would ever rat them out because the fact that I live in such close proximity to a real live chicken (rooster) fills me with indescribable joy.

Hey, you take your indescribable joy where you can find it.

While we're on the topic of my neighborhood, here's some more good misspellings from the shops along the street: a store selling "naval" oranges (for our boys at sea, I presume, to keep them from getting scurvy) and M. L. Rubenstein, who is a licensed "fish dialer." I had no idea you needed a license.

I would like to use the gekkomat.It sounds like it should be an automated gecko dispenser, like the automat, but it is not. It is still cool, though.

I sounded a lot like Grover just then. Anyone ever notice how Grover never used contractions? Do you think that was just his personality or was it meant to make some sort of educational point? By the way, I'm speaking of Grover of Sesame Street, not Grover Cleveland. In case anyone was confused.

This entry is quite short, it's true, and if you feel cheated and want your money back I'll understand, but I need to get the hell out of this building. I've got drinking to do. I'm meeting a friend of mine who almost always stands me up or backs out of our plans, she's famous for it, but as the clock creeps ever closer to the appointed hour it looks like we may actually hook up. I'd better get moving or I'll be the late one for once.

---punctual mimi smartypants


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