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2000-06-07 ... 16:51:19

Random observations:

In my neighborhood, there's a kosher deli/fish market that has this sign in the window:


Be the 60,000 Customer to Order a Fried Whitefish Sandwich and Receive 10 Free Fried Whitefish Sandwiches!

I'm not sure why that cracks me up so much.

Went out shopping today at lunchtime and saw one of my favorite street crazies...he has a sandwich (there's that word again) board that he wears that is covered with teeny tiny writing about how the communists are controlling the weather. The other side says "Al Gore Has Been Murdered and Replaced With A Replica!" and has 2 pictures, both of Al Gore, as "evidence."

(Sadly, Al Gore is wearing pants in both the pictures. Damn.)

I would like to read this crazy street guy's sandwich board in its entirety, to better ascertain the exact nature of his craziness, but frankly I don't want to get that close to him. I admire that sort of craziness, though...the sort with a very detailed and complex set of delusional beliefs and worldviews. It seems to me that's the sort of crazy you want to be, if you get a choice. Much more literary.

---the completely batshit mimi smartypants


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