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2000-06-06 ... 13:22:48

I'm chowing on vegetarian black bean soup and yeah, it's 10 am, so sue me. I'm really hungry and a donut just won't cut it.

We finally have a phone! Yesterday I had to (or should I say "got to") leave work early to go wait for the phone technician guy. This has been a major debacle. I originally called to change my address and all was fine. Then Ameritech calls me to say someone has to come to the house and do some wiring. Fine. When I call back last Friday to confirm that I do indeed have a phone guy appointment for yesterday, they tell me that I do not live in my house, that some guy named Tom lives in my house and that he already has phone service, hence they cannot establish service in my name in my house. Well, first of all, there's no working phone in my house. And more importantly, there's no guy named Tom living in my house. I've checked very thoroughly. So I spent an hour last Friday at work arguing with the phone folks, and then had to schlep around town Saturday morning trying to find a fax machine (mysteriously, all the currency exchanges in my neighborhood don't seem to open until noon or so), to fax a copy of my deed to prove I live where I say I live.

All done now, thank goodness. Now I just need my cable, my washer and dryer (delivered Sunday), and my blinds (coming soon, courtesy of the aforementioned "blind guy") and the house will be an approximation of a real person's house.

I'm sure all this yammering on about domestic bliss is real exciting for you diaryland readers. I've got to work on drinking more and collecting more debauched stories. That shouldn't be hard.


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