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2001-06-05 ... 11:05 a.m.

Rain! All the time! Someone at work advanced the theory that Chicago is just trying to make the newly transplanted Boeing executives feel at home. Since Chicago has a long history of being a Whore for Industry, I could believe it. Well, I could believe it if I were wacky enough to believe that the Daley Machine could control the weather, and I'm not quite wacky enough to believe that. Yet. I am working on developing some good paranoid conspiracy theories, however, and maybe the idea that Daley and his cronies control the weather could be part of that.

Speaking of paranoid conspiracy theories, yesterday I went to the library after work. (No, please be patient. The actual going to the library bit is not a paranoid conspiracy theory. That's coming up next.) One of the many books (oh my aching arms) I checked out was The Informant, by Kurt Eichenwald, an accounting of all the dirty pool that went on at Archer Daniels Midland. It's a bizarre tale already and promises just to get weirder and weirder. I almost missed my El stop, I was so engrossed.

One of the horrible frat-boy bars on Division has an ad in the paper for their "thong contest," which takes place on Thursday evenings, apparently. This intrigues me. What skill is involved in wearing a thong? If they mean "ass contest," they should just say "ass contest," don't you think?

Oh dear, it's raining poop.

Also yesterday, since I could not make it to yoga class, I did a yoga tape with Rodney Yee (YEEEE! What a happy name. How could you resist not shouting it out all the time?) and while the tape was fine, I think Rodney Yee could wear a little more clothing while he does yoga. In the tape he wears some sort of alarmingly brief Yoga Speedo. No no no no no.

---mimi "linear thought disorder" smartypants


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